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Vitamins are the organic compounds required in the diet in small quantities to perform biological functions.


Vitamins are classified into two groups such as fat soluble vitamins or vitamin soluble vitamins.

Fat soluble vitamins are those which are stored in adipose tissue and liver. For example: Vitamin A,D,E,K .

Water soluble vitamins are those which are dissolve in water and ecreated by kidney.For example: Vitamin-C and Vitamin B complex.

Deficiencies :

Vitamin -A deficiency( Night blindness):

It may be due to the inadequate dietary intake and impaired intestinal absorption.

Who is at risk:

Young childrenAdults with diseases of pancreas, liver and intestine

Hypervitaminous A can produce a symptoms such as

Hair lossLoss of appetiteHeadacheBlurred visionVitamin D deficiency (Rickets and Osteomalacia):

It may be due to limited exposure to sunlight ,diet deficiency and renal disorders.

Who is at risk:

Always covered and protected skinElderly

Hypervitaminous vitamin D can produce a symptoms such as

Excess calcium in bloodNausaVomitingDecreased appetiteVitamin-E deficiency (Ataxia):

It is a neurodegenerative disorder charactyerized by impaired ability to coordinate voluntary movements and disease of the peripheral nervous system.

Excess Vitamin-E causes Impaired blood clotting due to reduced platelet aggregation and interference with vitamin K metabolism .

Vitamin-K deficiency:

Vitamin K deficiency include symptoms such as sensitivity to bruising, bleeding gums, nosebleeds, and heavy menstrual bleeding in women.

Vitamin -C deficiency (Scurvy):

Scurvy is a disease caused by a serious vitamin C deficiency. Scurvy can lead to the symptoms such as

bleeding gumsloosened teethbleeding under your skin.Thiamine (vitamin B-1) :

A person with a thiamin deficiency have

weight losslittle or no appetitememory problems or confusionheart problemsTingling and numbnessloss of muscle massRiboflavin (vitamin B-2):

A person who is deficient in riboflavin may experience:

skin disordersMouth soresSwelling of the mouth and throatswollen, cracked lipsred, itchy eyesNiacin (vitamin B-3):

niacin deficiency leads to pellagra, which may cause:

Brown Skin discoloration .rough appearance with patches of skin.A bright red tonguevomiting,diarrhea and constipationheadachePantothenic acid (vitamin B-5):

Deficiency of vitamin B5 cause

numbness and burning of the hands and feetHeadacheIrritabilityLack of appetiteVitamin B-6 :

Deficiency of vitamin B6 cause

AnemiaSwollen tongueWeakned immune systemConfusionDepressionBiotin (vitamin B-7):

Signs of a biotin deficiency include:

thinning of the haira scaly rash around the eyes, nose, and mouth.brittle nailsdepressionfatigueFolate (vitamin B-9):

Symptoms of Vitamin B9 deficiency cause

HeadacheWeaknessheart palpitationsirritabilitysores on the tongue and mouthVitamin B12 :

Deficiency of vitamin B12 causes symptoms such as

FatigueWeight lossDepressionMemory lossLoss of appetite


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Rasayan Vati

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Reactive Powder

Reactive Powder

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Ayuvita Multivitamin Tablet

Ayuvita Multivitamin Tablet

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Recommended Dosage: Take one tablet twice daily.