El Nakhleh Authentic Gourmet Turkish Ground Coffee with Cardamom, Finely Ground and Slowly Roasted, (Arabic Coffee, Israeli coffee, Greek Coffee)

Coffee El Nakhleh


Premium Roasted Ground Coffee: Crafted from premium coffee beans Elnakhleh Holy Land authentic Black Coffee with Cardamom has a strong, distinctive flavor that will make you a fan of this coffee. Considered a cultural favorite throughout the middle east, Arabic coffee is extremely flavorful and drinkable. Authentic Taste and Aroma: As the name suggests our coffee is made exclusively in Israel from the finest coffee beans and cardamom powder and using traditional methods of Arabic coffee making. The freshly roasted coffee beans are finely ground with cardamom pods to get the unique aroma and flavor that distinguishes this Arabic/Turkish coffee from other coffees of the world. Kosher/Halal and Environmentally Friendly: Our Holy land coffee is 100% Kosher/Halal and prepared with respect for the environment. Crafted only from authentic coffee beans and cardamom pods it is free from all added flavors and ingredients making it one of the best Turkish coffees in the market today. Air-tight Packaging: The coffee is vacuum packed and sealed to lock in the freshness and aroma of the ground coffee so that you can savor the perfumed flavor in every sip. To increase shelf-life after opening the bag please transfer and store your coffee in an air-tight container. How to make Arabic Coffee: You can make Arabic coffee at home in any pot and won't require any fancy coffee pot/coffee makers. Just add ground coffee into a pot, one spoonful for each cup you prepare. Slowly bring the coffee mixture to a boil over medium heat. Remove from heat, pour in your coffee cups, and enjoy your own cup of flavorful drink.


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